the m.u.s.e (ancientromances) wrote in spike_stillness,
the m.u.s.e

Forsaken - Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
I’m over it.
You see I’m falling in a vast abyss
Clouded by memories of the past
At last I see
I hear it fading
I can’t speak it
Or else you will dig my grave
You feel them finding
Always whining
Take my hand
Now be alive
You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I’m not the only one
We walk amongst you
Feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone

You can use as much of the lyrics as you want, as long as some part of these lyrics are in you're icon!! Get the icons in by this friday at 8pm eastern!! BE CREATIVE!! Any Spike or James Marsters icons are allowed.. Good luck!

<3 brittany
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